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ACP-WL | Wireless CarPlay Dongle for Select Factory & Aftermarket Radios with CarPlay

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Go Wireless with CRUX ACP-WLX Interface!

Say goodbye to cords and embrace the convenience of wireless Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with CRUX's cutting-edge ACP-WLX interface. If you already have a factory or aftermarket car stereo equipped with wired Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, this game-changing device lets you effortlessly transition to the wireless world.

Simple Setup, Seamless Performance:

Plug-and-Play: Just connect the ACP-WLX interface to your stereo's CarPlay/Android Auto-compatible USB port, follow the easy onscreen instructions, and voilà – you're ready to enjoy the wireless experience without any fuss. Smart Memory Function: The ACP-WLX interface remembers your settings, so you can hop back in your car and get going without the hassle of setting up each time.

Wide Compatibility:

Factory & Aftermarket Radios: The ACP-WLX works seamlessly with any factory radio featuring wired Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Additionally, it is compatible with select aftermarket stereos from Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Pioneer, Jensen, Boss, Dual, Axxera, and Stinger. Wired or Wireless: The Choice is Yours! Pass-Through USB Port: Need to charge your phone on the go? No worries! The ACP-WLX includes a pass-through USB port, allowing you to switch back to wired mode for charging while maintaining your wireless setup. Stay Fully Charged: For uninterrupted wireless convenience, consider pairing the ACP-WLX with a wireless Qi charger to keep your iPhone's battery fully replenished.

Important Compatibility Notes:

Wired Apple CarPlay or Android Auto: This interface works exclusively with radios supporting wired Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Not compatible with factory radios requiring app downloads for CarPlay or Android Auto. Sony Aftermarket Stereos: Enjoy wireless connectivity with Sony aftermarket car stereos by updating their firmware. Upgrade your driving experience today with CRUX ACP-WLX Interface – wirelessly connect and drive smarter!

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