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VIMAD-84 | VIM Activation for 2009-2017 Audi's with MMi 3G/3G+ and VW RNS-850 Nav Systems (Fiber-optic version)

VIMAD-84 | VIM Activation for 2009-2017 Audi’s with MMi 3G/3G+ and VW RNS-850 Nav Systems (Fiber-optic version)

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The CRUX VIMAD-84 is an interface that enables Video in-motion features in Audi vehicles with MMI 3G/3G+ and Volkswagen vehicles that are equipped with RNS-850 Navigation Systems. Allows fixed menus & aftermarket safety devices to function with the factory-installed navigation system (e.g. safety vision rear-view cameras*).

  • Retains functionality of Factory-installed Navigation System for passenger access at anytime
  • Allows onscreen access to Factory Bluetooth Keypad*
  • Allows for Navigation Destination Address Entry at anytime*
  • Provides ALL features in Motion
  • Designed for OEM equipment only

*Subject to capability of Factory-installed Navigation System.
** Interface does not have a video input

Product Liability Disclaimer: This unit must not be used by the driver for watching moving pictures while driving/operating the vehicle, which is also prohibited by law in many States and localities. CRUX Interfacing Solutions and its distributors/dealers shall not be held liable for any consequential, incidental and contingent damages arising from misuse, but not limited to material damage or personal injury resulting, directly or indirectly due to any unauthorized usage of this product.

End User Agreement : End user agrees to utilize this product in accordance with the above mentioned stipulations and in compliance with all Local, State and Federal laws. End user also agrees and understands that this product is intended for off-road use and passenger use only. If user does not agree with any of  the above safety warnings, end-user shall be legally bound to immediately discontinue use and return this product to place of purchase.



2009 – 2016  A4/S4
2009 – 2016  A5/S5
2009 – 2016  A6/S6
2009 – 2016  A7/S7
2009 – 2017  A8/S8

2012 – 2018  Q3
2009 – 2017  Q5
2009 – 2016  Q7

2009 – 2016  Touareg

Note: Some U.S. models may not have a Factory-installed DVD player. This feature must be verified prior to Installation.


MMI 3G/3G+ and RNS-850 Navigation Systems

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